About Edgewalkers

We are a passionate group of ritual practitioners. Our mission is to facilitate body based rites for mindful seekers of powerful and uplifting experiences. We strive to carry out these rituals in a manner that befits their power to unify us and transform our perceptions and ways of being.

At present, we practice flesh hook pulls, flesh hook suspensions, firewalks, sweat lodges, drumming, and kavadi. We hold major gatherings in 8 cities across Canada and the USA, and smaller skill sharing workshops and rituals throughout the year. Those who facilitate our rituals have performed the rituals themselves, and have learned by apprenticeship from teachers and leaders from relevant traditions and spiritual disciplines. We are always seeking to improve our practices by inviting our members to share their skills and their stories.

Edgewalkers is growing and branching out across land and sea. If you would like to know more about us or find out how to attend our gatherings, you can
send us an email.
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